Let´s start!

This is your login (or re-login) page!

This page is shown automatically after payment. Now you have to login.


You added an e-mail address to you payment. It is now registered in our system´s files untill you finish you pub crawl. Use this address as your personal login code, please add it below.

Need a Re-Login?

The system failed and you need a re-login? Don´t bother, just add you login (you e-mail address used for payment) again in the box below. For 24 hours after the first start of your pub crawl you can re-start just were you last stopped!

A nickname, please!

On the next page you can choose a nickname of 2-15 signs for you and your team. This nickname will later be displayed in the record list.

Find your way!

Right after you added a nickname the pub crawl will start and show you the address and a picture of the first pub. There is a link to Google-Maps right above that picture to help you find your way. Maybe you want to use your GPS-tracker.

Share it!

You might like to share some pictures of your pub crawl on your social networks - feel free to use #kneipenrallyebonn! Sharing is fun - and maybe you get help with the tricky questions ...

So let´s go - enjoy your pub crawl!