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You are new in Bonn? Or are you visiting this pretty little town? Maybe you are a tourist or a backpacker? However, you may be looking for something fun to do! Well, try the “Kneipenrallye” – a combined Pub Crawl, Pub Quiz and City Tour! And get an inside view of Bonn´s nightlife!

Your Pub Crawl - How it works!

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with connection to the internet (German pubs do not necessarily provide WiFi). You are ready to start right away. Our system will provide you with the address of three different pubs in the centre of Bonn (and link to Google-maps, so you don´t get lost). In every pub we will send a couple of questions to your smartphone. We will ask for the history of the pub, for little facts and details found in the pub or for facts about Bonn. You can collect points for right answers and will get the correct information afterwards, too. So you really get to know Bonn.

What kind of pubs?

All three places are in the city centre. You will see a traditional Brauhaus, a real German Kneipe and a modern students´ bar.

Be a team!

You can use one login to play as a team and use one smartphone. So you can riddle together, explore Bonn together, have fun together!

Looking for competition? Build two teams

Just register twice and get two logins, so you can build two teams and find out, who knows more about Bonn and its pubs. A real pub race!

You need help?

Although you play the rallye on your own (you are not guided by a real person, but by your smartphone), we can still provide help in case of technical difficulties. If your network does not work or your battery dies, you can always click here for a re-login, and re-start with your original login code just where you stopped - even on a second smartphone to replace the broken one.

Payment, Login & Start

One Pub Crawl („Kneipenrallye“) will cost 4,- Euro only for the whole team. There is no subscription, you pay for one rallye, no further costs will occur. You can pay with PayPal or use your credit card. However, we do not keep any private data.

You register with your e-mail-address, which can be used directly after your payment as your personal login. So you can start right away.

Go ahead, find out more about some of the best pubs in Bonn!


If you play the Pub Crawl at Kneipenrallye-Bonn, you do agree to our terms and conditions.


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